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The Singer /Songwriter , Whose Iconic Smash Hit  “Johnny, Are You  Queer?” Enlisted An Entirely New Generation Of  Mal-Adjusted Music Fans Thanks To Jackass 2 , Plans Numerous Live Dates , A Japanese Tour, And Already Has Three More Albums In The Works !

Emerging from a self-imposed exile from the music industry in 2006, Josie Cotton re-entered pop consciousness with a passion, releasing her first album of new material in ten years (the critically acclaimed Movie Disaster Music ), making numerous club and festival appearances (including San Francisco Gay Pride) and enlisting an entirely new generation of persecuted, dis-possessed, and mal-adjusted music fans, thanks to the inclusion off her iconic smash hit “Johnny, Are You Queer?” in the film Jackass 2!!!

“Her invasion of our senses continues, quite literally, with her  upcoming release of Invasion Of The B-Girls , an outrageous production, inspired by her admittedly wild obsession with classic B movies from the 60s and 70s and directors like Russ Meyers and John Waters. The project is set for an upcoming release in Japan —where Cotton continues to enjoy a very loyal following—in advance of a later U.S. Distribution date. She is also currently planning an early summer tour of Japan .

The album includes her inimitable takes on songs from films like She Devils On Wheels (“Maneaters,” for which she’s currently planning a video ), Faster Pussycat Kill Kill , Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and Girl In Gold Boots . Special guests include former Devo drummer David Kendrick, Geza X on lead guitar, and the legendary Tower of Power horn section.

Cotton produced the album with Bill Rhea (Del Rubio Triplets and Cotton’s “Frightened By Nightengales” and Geza X, a longtime collaborator well known for his work with classic punk bands like Dead Kennedys and Black Flag as well as more mainstream hits like Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch.”

“This album is a kind of tribute to the bad girls of B movies. It has a love song to Godzilla, and basically a lot of man-killing going on,“ she laughs. “It’s very orchestrated, beautiful yet also has a raunchy surf rock vibe. And no synthesizers! I feel as though it has allowed me to act out some interesting fantasies I have always had, via characters I play and cool sound effects. Maybe I’m just a frustrated actress at heart.”

Also on the slate for 2007 are confirmed appearances at Los Angeles Gay Pride 2007 (on June 9) and the Radio Heartbeat Power Pop Festival in New Jersey on March 29; 2 videos; a series of short video vignettes for release on YouTube; and various dance club mixes.

Cotton is currently working on her follow-up to Invasion Of The B-Girls , tentatively titled Now What? —a project, she says, that brings her back to her power pop roots. Her longtime fans will also be excited to note that she is also planning a recording project called The Unreleased Unleashed , which features material from a handful of albums she recorded in the 80s and 90s but never released.