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“Houdini of Hilarity” chronicles early bouts of death-defying insanity in documentary
by proving “How Dangerous and Irresponsible Behavior Can Lead to Fame and Fortune”

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Steve-O’s fame and fortune fuels dangerous and irresponsible behavior as he disses Ja Rule with possibly portentous “Interlude Outro” improv on G Unit release, Radio Pt. 8;
defies FCC to “keep the NFL naughty” as the shameless commentator in NFL 2005 ESPN videogame

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Steve-O hits the road (literally), for extensive, intensive tour;
MTV’s Wildboyz, co-starring Steve-O and Chris Pontius, returns for third season

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Steve-O may be a walking freak show,
but he’s the one dating Victoria ‘s Secret model May Andersen

He staples his privates. By the end of his live performances he’s covered in his own blood (but miraculously he’s not dead). He’s not shy about making out with unsuspecting farm animals. He makes the usually impervious Howard Stern squirm as he demonstrates new uses for safety pins. (And you thought there were only 101 uses.) He’s the notorious Steve-O ( ), and he’s as fearless about wearing a Speedo (thanks to Ahnold, whom he credits for “teaching him how to dress skimpy”) as he is about lighting his face on fire.

Just like a train wreck, we couldn’t resist watching the certifiable entertainer as he careened, crashed and burned his way through four seasons of MTV’s very physical comedy reality show, Jackass , and we laughed our asses off as he took his antics beyond the pale in Jackass: The Movie .

With G-string intact, and the rest of him no worse for extreme wear, Steve-O continues his career as an attention whore in Wildboyz , MTV’s high-risk, big laughs answer to Wild Kingdom . With the third season in the can for the gleefully antagonistic co-host / co-star, Steve-O has proven himself a bona fide action sport figure, worthy of Spike TV’s “ The 52 Best Action Sport Figures,” though somehow he was left off the list.

We laugh with, at and about this “Houdini of Hilarity,” but we can’t help but wonder: how did he get this way? Was he born a “professional idiot”? Or is he merely a product of the short bus? These and a zillion other questions about this human curiosity are addressed when Don’t Try This At Home Presents Steve-O: The Early Years , on DVD and VHS, unleashed Aug. 24 via Sony Red Distribution.

Assembled from years of footage that had been shot with the video camera that Steve-O had nicked from his father, the hysterical, insightful documentary is the fourth in the Sony / Red distributed series that includes Don’t Try This At Home Presents: The Career Ender (Vol. I), The Tour Video (Vol. II), and the two DVD set, Out on Bail plus bonus disc PCP Saved My Life . Steve-O: The Early Years is aptly subtitled “How Dangerous and Irresponsible Behavior Can Lead to Fame and Fortune.”

Conversely, fame and fortune has led to further dangerous and irresponsible behavior. Even more than running the risk of inciting the hair-trigger wrath of the FCC by “keeping the NFL naughty” as the wicked commentator in the NFL 2005 ESPN videogame, Steve-O dissed Ja Rule and other rappers in a big way in an improvisational track he contributed to G Unit’s recently released Radio Pt. 8 .

“We got really stoned and had a big laugh. I recorded it in 50 Cent’s studio, and they draped me in $700,000 worth of his jewelry. He wasn’t even there; it was just me and DJ Whoo Kid, recording me talking a bunch of smack about rappers they don’t like. In a lot of cases I was talking about rappers I really know nothing about,” he laughs.

After surviving sharks, rattlesnakes, bears, scorpions and moose attacks, could Steve-O’s “Interlude Outro” portend his demise?

“You really can’t rule out the possibility of me getting shot by a rapper after my time in 50 Cent’s studio. It was pretty reckless what I did,” he admits.

As if he hasn’t tempted fate enough, in what could be the most extreme performance-art-meets-stunt-insanity ever, look for Steve-O to do his thang during an intensive, extensive tour.

“My stage show is genuinely a horrifying display of alcoholism and self-mutilation,” he tips off, but clarifies, “I lead a double life with the MTV mainstream programming and explicit DVDs.” Regardless, Steve-O hasn’t changed from his success as a live performer, DVD mogul and TV Star, even though he is sporting a new set of teeth from appointments that literally shut down the dentist’s office for a week. It’s not vanity…”Girls refused to make out with me!” he told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show where he unveiled his new choppers.

Steve-O’s Dad is impressed with his son’s success, but wishes his son would try to wear more clothes when he is on TV. In a scene from Steve-O: The Early Years , Steve-O compared his Rolex watch to his Father’s 25 year old Rolex watch and Dad is now taking bets how long it will be before his son loses or destroys his new diamond encrusted timepiece.

Ever a dichotomy, Steve-O may be a walking freak show, but he’s the one who’s dating Victoria ‘s Secret model May Andersen.

“What’s the point in dating one if you can’t brag about it?” he reasons.

Don’t expect Steve-O to start playing it safe now, even though he finally has something to lose!