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The Multi-Faceted Celebration of the Visual Arts
Invites Renowned and Up and Coming Painters and Sculptors from
Across the World to Share their Work with
Serious Collectors in a Vibrant Setting

While singers, comics, Broadway shows and aerialist circus shows continue to dominate the showrooms on the celebrated Las Vegas Strip, the Entertainment Capital of the World is finally giving the visual arts the “premiere destination” spotlight they deserve with the highly-anticipated debut of the inaugural World of Art Showcase (www.worldofartshowcase.com) at the Wynn Las Vegas December 20-22, 2012.

The groundbreaking vision of David Goldstein, COO of Jerry’s Artarama—one of the world’s most loved art material supply companies—the World of Art Showcase (WOAS) is very much a cause to reestablish the arts to their rightful place within society. It is an exclusive show for professional artists from across the U.S. and around the world to sell their art and make important personal connections with art buyers, collectors and galleries.

Fashioned as a harmonized presentation of the finest original contemporary paintings, the exhibition transcends the typical “curiosity seeker off the street” vibe of most art fairs and exhibitions to establish itself as a world class cultural event. Its primary goal is to promote the most talented contemporary painters and sculptors in the world, with work ranging from classical to modern.

Collectors are encouraged to view, compare and reserve favorite paintings and sculptures on the World of Art Showcase online gallery, and then later at the show meet the artists/galleries who created/represent the works and make purchases directly from them. The show is also open to potential art collectors and general visitors who may have thought about investing in art but need guidance. Goldstein and Executive Director Mario Parga see this as a completely new way of viewing and buying art, reflecting the start of a completely new age for the arts.

“The focus of the show is to promote the arts and explain how, why and when to purchase art for both pleasure and investment purposes,” says Parga, a veteran virtuoso guitarist, recording artist and renowned painter specializing in portraiture, figurative, landscapes and still life in the Contemporary and Classical Realism styles. “Every single painting on display will have passed a panel of art professionals to ensure that only the highest standards are accepted into the show. The same judging also applies to galleries.”

Goldstein, a passionate art collector, and Parga, a professional artist and Las Vegas resident, chose the Wynn Resort as their desired venue for WOAS for its amazing style and luxurious atmosphere as well as owner Steve Wynn‘s reputation as one of the world’s top 10 private art collectors.

The World of Art Showcase website is now live and will soon feature a virtual gallery allowing collectors to view every single painting on display at the show ahead of time and reserve works of interest.  In targeting serious art collectors with a certain level of expendable income, WOAS will be advertised in leading high-end luxury magazines, art magazines, TV and newspapers across America. The promoters are also working with an Asian travel agency who will create and sell special packages to attract higher income level visitors from overseas to the show.

The overall mission of WOAS is very simply stated: “It is the first event to purposely elevate the status of the artist, who has been an innovator throughout history and created the notion of thinking ‘out of the box.’”

“Our primary motivation is making sure great artists receive the recognition they so richly deserve,” says Parga. “The show is very much a cause to restore the arts that in my and David’s opinion, have been pushed to the side. We live in a society where real arts are ignored or treated like a charity case. We want the experience to be incredible for exhibitors and patrons alike, so that when people walk through the doors of the Wynn ballrooms, they see not only wonderful paintings but feel as though they have entered another world. As a professional realist painter and professional musician myself, I understand the needs of fellow artists, be they musicians, dancers, painters or culinary artists. I firmly believe that the World of Art Showcase will be the biggest and most prestigious cultural event in America, if not the world.”