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LOS ANGELES – With clinical treatment for pain being such a common ailment treated and abused in the United States, Dr. Mona Vand – The Modern Pharmacist ( discusses in her latest Mona Minutes” video an alternative form of medication available through compounding pharmacies for controlled substances, which are highly addictive.

Dr. Vand points out that when it comes to severe or chronic pain, oftentimes patients are prescribed narcotic medications which has caused a huge stigma attached to these drugs.

“When you take a narcotic by mouth, it does help the pain. Another aspect is giving some patients this feeling of euphoria…this doesn’t happen to everyone…but for a lot of patients, this is the feeling they like and get hooked on.

“The advantage of applying something topically is it doesn’t give you that effect,” she continues. “Less of it is getting into your bloodstream, and it goes right where it needs to…so by not experiencing that euphoria and not getting addicted to that feeling and craving it, you’re not going to abuse it.”

Dr. Vand’s article also highlights:

  • Pain is a by-product of the central nervous system. When someone is injured, nerve endings at the site of the injury send impulses directly to the brain alerting it that something is wrong, and immediately sends a feeling of discomfort.
  • Narcotics essentially block the last step in that process, and prevent the brain from sending that pain signal to the body by attaching to the receptors in the brain, then block those receptors from sending out signals to the rest of the body (which literally prevents the brain from telling someone they are in pain).
  • When taken correctly, pain relief narcotics are safe and effective.
  • You should be your own patient advocate. Talk to your doctor! Doctors will help find a compounding pharmacy that doesn’t lead to abuse.
  • Even if addiction / abuse aren’t a concern, compounded topical pain therapy (pain relief that’s compounded into a cream) helps the medication go directly where needed, and carries a much lower risk of addiction.
  • Compounded topical creams also do not get absorbed throughout the entire Gastro-intestinal tract prior to efficacy, which means there will be less side effects on the stomach.

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