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Friends Of Emmet Signs With 37 Records and Releases ‘Coming Apart’



The Title Track And Single From The Debut Album
Was Written About The Touching True Story
Of Suicide Survivor Kevin Hines
Who Miraculously Survived Jumping From The Golden Gate Bridge

The five-piece rock band Friends Of Emmet, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, recently signed with innovative indie label, 37 Records. Friends Of Emmet (F.O.E) formed in early 2009 consisting of Mark Leddy (vocals), Brian Lynam (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass), Paul Dempsey (keyboards), and Lance Hogan (drums). The band just released their debut Coming Apart and re-located to Los Angeles to help push the launching of the album in United States

Founder of 37 Records, Steven McClinctock, commented on the signing, “I was turned on to F.O.E. by a friend from Hevy D Music out of Canada and was completely taken by the sound of the band.  We really wanted the opportunity to work with this Irish gem.”  

The title track from the album Coming Apart was written about suicide survivor Kevin Hines of San Francisco, a man who miraculously survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. The song was created to explain the emotional story of depression, while underlining the miracle of second chances and the will to live. The tragic tale fueled F.O.E., who really wanted to create the powerful message via song to support and reach those who feel there is no way out, in hopes to save a life. The music video documentary for “Coming Apart” features Kevin Hines and was recently shot in L.A. It is set to debut online to fans and newcomers later this month. 

The single is starting to gain radio airplay in Canada and across the U.S., landing F.O.E. to perform a few tracks at Yahoo Music headquarters this week and will be featured on

37 Records features music ranging from singer/songwriters, children’s works, pop and rock, alternative modern rock, holiday music, jazz and  R & B, country and bluegrass, rootsy americana to soundtracks. 37 Records’ current roster includes White Apple Tree, Brian Stoner, Friends of Emmet, Cathy-Anne McClintock, Nikki Forova, Judy Akin, Charlie Baker, Cris Barber, Melody Zephyr, Kristen Trayer, Tumbleweed, Tom Templeman, Fertitta and McClintock, Mindwalk, Haley Breedlove, Brett Daniels,  Don McClintock, and Tessa McClintock. The label’s digital product is available in 25 different countries in over 120 separate websites… all leading back 37 Records.