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LOS ANGELES – Dr. Mona Vand ( [1]) may be renowned as The Modern Pharmacist, but as part of her mission to illuminate the connections between pharmaceutical science and overall wellness, she’s also eager to share tips on how simple lifestyle adjustments can sometimes be as effective as medicine.

On the latest of her informative “Mona Minutes [2]” video series, she once again tackles the problem of seasonal allergies with some practical advice. “One of the main causes of seasonal allergies is pollen,” Dr. Vand says. “It’s very irritating to our system, and when we experience it, our bodies look at it as a foreign attacker. This is where your immune system will kick in. When its springtime and all the pollen is blowing around, it literally affects you more because you breathe more in. On rainy days, pollen might be milder because it’s washed away.”

Dr. Vand believes that personal environment modifications can be as useful as medication in trying to fight off seasonal allergies. “Think of things that make sense to you,” she says. “Keep your windows closed. If you have carpets, make sure you’re always vacuuming. Dust and other things can make your symptoms worse. It’s also a good idea to keep an air purifier in your house. Anything that can keep it clean, pure and dust free is going to decrease your symptoms of any sort of allergy.”

The key points Dr. Vand makes are:

  • While there are many root causes of seasonal allergies, one of the main culprits is exposure to pollen
  • The first line of defense –histamines– are quickly released as your body attempts to fight off this foreign invader; these have some pesky side effects that we associate with seasonal allergies (runny nose, sneezing, etc.)
  • *Lifestyle modification is important – simple changes can go a long way!
  • These modifications include 1) Keep your windows closed; 2) vacuum; 3) Keep an air purifier in your house; 4) Wash your hair before bed
  • If these modifications don’t work, over the counter and prescription anti-histamines can help fight seasonal allergies.

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Dr. Mona Vand – The Modern Pharmacist, is putting a fresh face on the traditional world of pharmacy. Her Modern Pharmacist Movement combines her years of experience in pharmacy with her passion and expertise in nutrition, beauty, fitness and overall wellness. 


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