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John Chaffee’s Independent Lion Roared Loud And Clear In The 2010 Elections



Frustrated Americans Align With The Message Of The Independent Lion
When Voting, Influencing The Balance Of Power In Government

Once again the voices of the Independent voters made the loudest noise, swinging the balance of power in state legislatures, state capitols and in both houses of Congress.

Instrumental in the biggest upheaval of Congress in decades, Independents favored the Republicans by 55-40%, whereas in the 2006 House races they favored the Democrats 57-39% (Seib, Gerald F. November 3, 2010. “Unaligned Voters Tilt Rightward En Masse”. Wall Street Journal). According to a November 3, 2010, Pew Research Center Report, Independents make up 37% of the electorate, the largest amount in 70 years, making them as powerful a force as we’ve seen in the last three national elections.

Clearly in line with the message of John Chaffee’s Independent Lion, many Americans were venting their frustrations in voting and were “Not left. Not Right. Not Satisfied.” They feel disconnected and angered by the two parties working to only make things better for their own parties.

Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) winner for the biting and satirical “Play By The Rules”, John Chaffee - whose video, featuring Chaffee dressed as Uncle Sam, has been viewed close to 30,000 times on YouTube—recently launched to help disenchanted Americans express their feelings.

The Independent Lion website sells T-shirts featuring a trademarked red, white and blue lion (styled like the Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant) underscored by a memorable catchphrase that sums up what millions are thinking: “Not Left. Not Right. Not Satisfied.”

The site’s home page includes the Independent Lion’s mission statement: “There’s a growing segment of the population dissatisfied with the way things are going in Washington, our state capitals, and our city governments. It appears that neither party, Republican or Democrat, has the wherewithal to solve our problems, let alone the nerve to even address the more important ones.

Emerging from the plains and towns across our country is a new symbol, the mighty King of the Beasts, to speak for those who have no voice. We encourage Independent Lions to roam through a land of no red states, no blue states, but a United States, where respect for the Constitution, and each other, rules. And where good old fashioned common sense, which would dictate limited government, living within our means, and playing by the rules, ROARS.”

Chaffee points out that the Tea Party is to get some credit for the change in power. He says, “The Tea Party in fact has an ‘independent soul’, which speaks to mainstream America, no matter the party. They want our founding principles honored, as well as individual rights.  A stop to the spending rampage.  A slimming down of the size of government.”

Whether Conservative, Moderate, Liberal or Tea Party, there’s no denying the Lion’s roar awakened the silent majority.