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LUCK Media & Marketing President Steve Levesque Featured In Music Connection’s July Issue



Steve Levesque, President of LUCK Media and Marketing, is interviewed and featured this month in the print and online editions of Music Connection Magazine’s 21st Annual Director of Everything Indie.

The longtime independent publicist and music industry veteran was called on for an article by Bernard Baur entitled “What An Indie Publicist Can Do For You (That You Can’t Do For Yourself).” The piece mentions that in recent years, LUCK Media—which Levesque founded in 1999—expanded its services to include artist development, management consultation and even a virtual record label.

“In the past, clients would hire a PR company just for publicity,” he says. “Now they want us to handle everything.”

Levesque is also quoted in the article as saying that it’s important in many cases to begin a PR campaign even before the release of a new recording. “The earlier, the better,” he says. “Then I can give them some input and help them develop a presence…If you work at it constantly, results will come and momentum will build.”

In the section entitled “Will A Publicist Do All The Work?” Levesque adds, “I’ve discovered that we get more results if the act works at it too. It has to be a team effort. Artists need to be active in one way or another. After all, it’s an indie world and artists have to do their part.”

Levesque began his career in the business straight out of college in a blur of activity that has spanned more than 30 years. From working in record retail at Wherehouse Records to managing the surf punk band Agent Orange – securing them record deals, radio airplay, tours, and the very first skateboard endorsement deal– he went on to become the head of Media Relations at Enigma/Capitol Records and later became Vice President of Music for legendary PR pro Lee Solters.

Levesque has worked with an eclectic assortment of artists and projects, including: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Lollapalooza, Bush, Lit, Moody Blues, Chaka Khan, New York Dolls, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sara Evans, Kenny Chesney, Rick James, Air Supply, Rick Springfield, David Cassidy, Heart, Sandra Bernhard, Greg London, Musicians Institute, Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack, Kottonmouth Kings and many more.