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Medical Marijuana Expert “Dr. Dina” Advises On Search For Pot Czar

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In the recent story ‘Washington State searching high and low for pot czar’ featured on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, it was reported that Washington is seeking a Marijuana consultant to assist in the regulation of marijuana in a newly legalized environment.

Dr. Dina,” a pioneer of the medical marijuana movement and consultant to the stars. The name “Dr. Dina” was coined by her longtime friend Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and received a prominent mention in the January 2013 GQ Magazine article on Snoop entitled “The Lion Smokes Tonight

Known as the real “Nancy Botwin” played by Mary Louis Parker from Showtime’s hit TV series “Weeds” (for more than her striking resemblance to Parker), Dr. Dina opened Southern California’s first medical marijuana doctor’s office in 2003 and has consulted with over three dozen non-profit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California, Colorado and Oregon. She also regularly consults with the City of West Hollywood and Los Angeles to help safely regulate the business, while acting as the primary consultant to Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood.

In response to the story on Washington State’s search for the ultimate pot consultant, Dr. Dina recommends that all candidates for the state’s new “Pot Czar” should possess the following top 10 requirements:

1.  Knowledge of the many types of strains of the marijuana plant and how they all grow differently, giving different tastes, effects, and yields.

2. The ability to breed, clone, veg, flower, dry and cure marijuana. Understanding the cost of operating a grow facility, not to mention all the many challenges/ issues that can go wrong during a grow cycle.

3.  The understanding of how the many parts of the plant can be used to make other products such as wax, hash, butter and oil. These can be turned into edible items like brownies and cookies.

4.  The connections to create a state approved laboratory to accurately test the marijuana for levels of the three main compounds, THC, CBD, CBN and molds and pathogens before it’s sold to the public.

5.  Good understanding of the metric system, product shrinkage, packaging, identifying, pricing, labeling, storing and transporting Marijuana. Must be able to create an industry standard for weighing and pricing all product including a proven system for tracking inventory and sales.

6. Understanding the possible impairment from different types of products and how to create an appropriate standard warning label.

7. A strong advocate for the medical marijuana industry, who is passionate about the movement.

8.  Organized, business savvy, will need to create a good working relationship between law enforcement, state officials, production outlets and retail outlets.

9.  At least 8+ years of experience as a consultant in the Medical Marijuana Industry with an understanding of the entire spectrum of the industry.

10. The ability to roll a fabulous looking joint!