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Cleveland Based Singer/Songwriter John Chaffee

Heads To Washington With A Message For Politicians –

“Play By The Rules” – The Title Of His Popular YouTube

Video Of His Country-Bluegrass Song Addressing Our

Nation’s  Ills With Biting Humor And A Much Needed

Dose Of Truth


Chaffee Will Participate In The March On Washington,

September 12, Dressed As Uncle Sam

Cleveland based singer songwriter John Chaffee points out with biting wit and blunt truth in “Play By The Rules,” his explosive new song and High Definition YouTube video (, everyone agrees : we’re all fed up with leaders and others in the public eye who keep failing us because—you guessed it—they don’t “Play By The Rules.”

With infectious country-bluegrass flair to spare, Chaffee gives voice to millions of his fellow frustrated Americans with a song and video concept that grew out of his growing anger over a daily dose of stories of corruption and scandal, not only in our nation’s capital but also in communities across the country.

On Saturday, September 12, Chaffee will join thousands of Americans who deliver a message to politicians – we’ve had enough! – in the March On Washington ( The crowd will begin gathering at 9 a.m. at Freedom Plaza and the march down Pennsylvania Ave will begin at 11:30 a.m.

Chaffee, a dead ringer for “Uncle Sam,” is sure to standout in the crowd as he plans to sport in red, white and blue garb he adorns in the “Play By The Rules” video while singing as he walks through colorful but decadent urban landscapes including junkyards that work perfectly as a metaphorical backdrop for his pointed plea of a chorus: “Cut me in, bail me out, failure’s not my fault/Responsibility, what’s that, just a word that’s all/I’m trying very hard, to chill and keep my cool/I’m trying hard to find someone, who’ll just play by the rules/Is there anybody out there, who’ll just play by the rules.”

Chaffee was inspired to write “Play By The Rules” when he saw that those in government began overlooking significant tax problems in appointees, even with the Treasury Secretary. Another line in the song sums up how he feels: “Not exactly what was planned when The Fathers made this nation!”

Chaffee’s song and video are also a powerful call to arms designed to inspire millions of Americans to stand up and take action. Later in the song, he sings “Do we stand up mad as hell? How much more of this can we take?”

“Early this year,” he says, “it seems we were told almost daily about another tax issue, or ethical issue, or moral issue, not just with the nominees for public office but also our representatives currently serving in government as well as others in positions of public trust. It’s an arrogance that leads to the belief that there are no consequences for your actions.

“And I wondered,” Chaffee adds, “‘how do you know who to trust anymore? It seems nobody plays by the rules. The American people are coming to grips with the grim reality that trustworthiness is becoming a difficult thing to find. To me, ‘Play By The Rules’ is a song about the values taught to us as children that seem to be eroding in the lives and conduct of those people we are supposed to be able to look up to and respect. In many ways, America has become like a rudderless ship, careening across the water wishing she had a moral compass. There was once a Dignity Code, but it’s no longer in our rule book. Maybe it’s time to bring it back.”


Saturday, September 12

March On Washington

Freedom Plaza to Pennsylvania Ave

9 a.m. Gathering

11:30 a.m. March

**Chaffee is available for interviews prior to the event start.