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Charismatic British-Born Songstress and Hollywood
Music In Media Award (HMMA) Winner Invites
Her Fans to Spend ‘Christmas With Karling’—Enjoying
A Mix of Colorful Originals and ‘Karlingized’
Versions of Holiday Classics

* * *
All Proceeds Will Go to the Non-Profit Organization,
Save-A-Life Pet Adoption

It takes a bold soul to emphatically declare, “Santa’s Got A Crush On Me”—but coming from Karling, it’s not that far-fetched a notion. Not even the bearded guy in the red suit can resist the charms of the charismatic singer-songwriter whose electrifying performances, and her undeniably successful residency, “Karling’s Rockabilly Review,” at Big’s Bar & Grill in Fullerton are making Southern California a hotbed of Rockabilly and Americana music.

Sure it’s taboo to peek into Santa’s goody bag, but no doubt he’s going to have one special item as he makes his rounds this year: Christmas With Karling, a fun-filled celebration of the season featuring six fresh original tracks (including, of course, “Santa’s Got A Crush On Me”) and cleverly arranged, new “Karlingized” renditions of five timeless carols and holiday classics: “Jingle Bells,” “First Noel,” “Deck The Halls,” “Silent Night” and “Auld Lang Syne.”

Recorded live (with just a few percussion overdubs) in her home studio over the course of three warm SoCal days in July, Christmas With Karling is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2010 full length album Bound For Nowhere, which at one point captured the #1 spot on Her track “Miss Fortune” earned a 2010 Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) in the Americana/Roots category.

All proceeds from Christmas With Karling will be donated to the singer’s favorite animal charity, Save-A-Life Cat and Dog Adoptions (S-A-L) –a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer dog and cat rescue and adoption organization. Founded in 1995, S-A-L animals are cared for and protected at a wonderful sanctuary north of Los Angeles until they are adopted–no matter how long it takes! It’s also the perfect fit for an artist who calls her band Karling & The Kats!

“True,” Karling says, “I don’t have the time to hit the streets with cages and cat litter, with puppies and a pooper scooper, but I can make music, and if I can use my art as a vehicle to assist people in their selfless quest, then I feel I have done something worthwhile. All the profits of this Christmas album, forever and a day, will go to those impassioned souls who not only ‘care’ about our furry friends, but are willing to take ACTION!”

The British-born performer and her powerhouse band create an emotional mix of styles, ranging from straightforward rockabilly to R&B/soul, Western Swing and even calypso.

“My band-mates were ready for a challenge, and when I gave them the songs and the deadline they quickly got themselves motivated!” says Karling. “We sat around mulling over ideas, drinking eggnog and playing some of our favorite songs on my old record player. We started jamming, and that’s when the magic began to happen. The twinkling Christmas lights that I’d found in my shed added just the right amount of surreal seasonal atmosphere. Plus the eggnog was heavily spiked! A few days after, we laid down some percussion tracks and background vocals, and then we called Santa on the phone. He signed off on it, so we’re happy!”

While the classic country flavored ballad “Angel Tears” adds a touch of melancholy to Christmas With Karling, most of the other five originals find the singer in a more festive spirit. “What’s In The Box” is a playful and humorous, spooky/mysterious romp that might even inspire the Grinch to crack a smile. “Christmas Party” is a raucous high energy rockabilly jam, while “Tra La La La La” offers a whimsical, childlike view of the season’s magical sights and sounds. The similarly buoyant “Honey’s Coming Home For Christmas” includes jangling jingle bells over a distinctly Western Swing vibe. And the infectious, “Santa’s Got A Crush On Me” combines the sassiness of “Santa Baby” with the faux-innocence of a child awaiting the big guy’s arrival—until something unexpected happens.

Though Karling always loved holiday music and has long wanted to record a Christmas project, the impetus for Christmas With Karling was a request for seasonal songs by Opus 1 Music Library, which is “the fastest growing music library in the world” Karling recently inked a deal with them for film and TV licensing opportunities.

“When they signed us,” she says, “the first thing they wanted were Christmas songs because they usually need those a few months before the season officially begins. I was already in a creative mode, but this deadline gave me focus and an extra push that inspired me. I started thinking about the animals that are abandoned after the holidays, and how I’ve always been saddened by this. The thought that I could help by donating the proceeds of this album pushed me forward, and I believe allowed me to channel some truly original songs. After all, it is the season for giving!”