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‘Together Again’ Publishers 37 Songs/McJames Music Is Thrilled To Announce Beloved Lead Singer Carah Faye Returns To Shiny Toy Guns For New Album ‘III’

‘Together Again’
The ‘Queen Of The Guns’
Beloved Lead Singer Carah Faye
Returns To Shiny Toy Guns For
The Electo-Rock Reunion Of The Decade

In keeping with the age old adage, ‘things being better the second time around,’ Los Angeles based Grammy nominated electro-rock pioneers, Shiny Toy Guns (STG) is looking towards a bright new future, now that original singer Carah Faye has rejoined the group after a 2 1/2 year hiatus. STG, along with their publishers 37 Songs/McJames Music Inc., recently announced they couldn’t be more excited about their reunion with Faye, so in homage to that the band placed a shocking 30-day countdown clock running on their website boasting to their die-hard fans the return of their beloved female singer reuniting with members Jeremy Dawson (keyboardist/producer/programmer), Chad Petree (producer/lead vocalist/guitars/programmer), Mikey Martin (drums/ percussion) and introducing multi-instrumentalist Daniel Johansson (producer/keyboardist/programmer).

37 Song/McJames Music Inc. are thrilled to have one of their top acts of licensing back. President Steven McClintock of 37 Songs said, “We got into this business because of songs and Shiny Toy Guns always delivers the magic.” Faye’s return is revealed in an epic and moving short film called “Together Again,” which was shot on 35mm film on the breath taking Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth, Calif. Fans proclaimed their love for the video stating their emotion as, “Tears are literally streaming down my face right now. When Carah took her hood off, I literally busted into tears.” Others shared their happiness as, “The Guns are back for sure and the ‘Queen of the Guns’ has finally come home.” While some fans took note of their unique approach in delivering their message, “This video is absolutely beautiful, ethereal & symbolic in so many ways that representing a reunion in any other way would not have had the same impact.”

The group went its separate ways in 2008, after thousands of live sold-out shows and numerous TV appearances promoting their Grammy nominated debut CD, We Are Pilots. Their powerful indietronica fusion hit singles “Le Disko,” “You Are The One” and “Rainy Monday,” all from the We Are Pilots release, really paved the music industry wave in 2006 to what is popular now of electronic sounds coming from today’s music. The band is currently recording in Los Angeles with a goal of completing their new album III by late spring 2011, along with plans for an upcoming World tour this summer. In the meantime, Shiny Toy Guns is sharing yet another magical moment unleashing “The Sun,” their first new original single in over 3 years, taken from the upcoming album “III.” “The Sun” is currently #1 on L.A.’s KROQ Locals Only chart and has been rising on the station’s Top 5 at 5.

About 37 Songs/McJames Music Inc.,
“It all starts with a song” goes the old saying, and to us it also ends with a song. Long after the fad has faded and the moment has passed it may be hard to recall who sang “Stardust”, “As Time Goes By” or even in generations to come “Imagine” or “I Hope You Dance”, but the songs will still be played. They have a life of their own. At 37 Songs/McJames Music Inc., our goal is to nurture the writer to give the song a chance to be born. We understand that everything coming out of our writers will not be immediately recorded and some of the songs will never make the charts. But we as publishers will be there to offer our suggestions to improve the lyric, our production skills to better the demo, and our networking abilities to allow the song a chance in a very demanding and crowded marketplace. A part of 37 Records, 37 Songs/McJames Music represents Pamela Phillips Oland, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson (Shiny Toy Guns), Stephen Petree, Melody Zephyr, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon (White Apple Tree) and Cathy-Anne McClintock.