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With the company’s phenomenal growth, Hilary Duff, Heart’s Ann & Nancy Wilson, and Norah Jones Guitarist Adam Levy picking Daisies, and the new Rock Candy guitar series turning up the volume, things are sweet for Daisy Rock founder, president and L.A. rock goddess Tish Ciravolo

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‘Girl Guitars’ cross the pond as Daisy Rock announces invasion of England and Europe

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Daisy Rock plants musical seeds with scholarship with The Donnas as ‘spokesgirls’, and breast cancer awareness ad campaign with Heart

“So you wanna be a rock & roll star / Well listen now to what I say / Just get an electric guitar / And take some time to learn how to play…”
Sound advice from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for anyone who wants to let the music do the talking.
And the most expressive of the six-strings, 12-strings and bass guitars that are cultivated at Los Angeles rock goddess Tish Ciravolo‘s Daisy Rock Guitars (www.daisyrock.com).  The founder and president’s Van Nuys, California-based headquarters is the first and only girl guitar company.  This veritable hothouse of innovative designs began in 1999, when Ciravolo put crayon to paper during playtime with her oldest daughter, Nicole, and drew a daisy-shaped guitar.
In 2000, with the encouragement and help of Schecter Guitars president and husband Michael Ciravolo, the bass player in L.A. band Sassafras and vibrant personality cultivated her signature Daisy Series, including the Daisy Artist and the Daisy Bass.  Smaller and lighter than standard electric guitars, the Daisy Short Scale, with its signature petal-shaped body in Daisy White, Pepper Mint Pink, Awesome Blue and Dreamy Daisy Yellow, was the cornerstone of Daisy Rock Guitars.  This girl-friendly, meticulously crafted instrument packs a considerable wallop and remains a godsend to thousands of aspiring female musicians who don’t have hands the size of catcher’s mitts.
Since its inception, Daisy Rock has had phenomenal growth, doubled its size for 4 years running, offering an ample bouquet of six-string and bass guitars, including its Butterfly Series, Pixie Acoustic Series, Heartbreaker Series, Daisy Series, Stardust Series, and its new-for-’04 Rock Candy Series.  Ciravolo projects another 50% boost in revenue this year, especially since the Rock Candy Series was the talk of the NAMM International Music Products Association trade show in January.  Now distributed by Alfred Publishing after spinning off from Schecter in 2003, Daisy Rock guitars are available at 300 U.S. music retailers, and with the addition of Daisy Rock England and Daisy Rock Europe, Ciravolo’s imaginative designs grace the walls of another 200 dealers across The Pond.
“The boys club is over,” proclaims the lively entrepreneur who’s as colorful, multi-faceted and versatile as her guitars.  “This is the next wave.”
Ensuring that this next wave gains momentum, Ciravolo’s Girl’s Guitar Method instruction book is the perfect companion to Daisy Rock guitars.
With Heart‘s Ann and Nancy Wilson endorsed by Daisy Rock, Hilary Duff playing a Heartbreaker, and artists as diverse as Share Ross (Bubble), Nina Hagen, Annie Minogue, Lisa Loeb, Wanda Jackson, L.A. all-girl-band Auburn Court, and Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) picking Daisies, these guitars are made for women, but guys like The Cure‘s Robert Smith, Adam Levy (Norah Jones), and Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) play ‘em, too.
Because it’s not enough for Daisy Rock to be the first and only girl guitar company, Ciravolo is committed to female causes beyond inspiring the next Grammy-winning superstar.  With extensive involvement from Ann and Nancy Wilson, the company promotes breast cancer awareness through a national ad campaign.  In addition, The Donnas are Daisy Rock ‘spokesgirls’ for The Girls Rock Scholarship Program, for which Daisy Rock sponsors underprivileged children, hooks them up with guitars and sends them off for an experience of a lifetime at DayJams Rock & Roll Camp.  Additional Daisy Rock sponsorships include the sixth annual “VH1 Divas” special in ’03, and this year’s national LadySixString Lyric Writing Contest.  Among its numerous guitar donation recipients are The Make A Wish Foundation and VH-1 Save The Music.
As dedicated instruments of philanthropy, the Ciravolos and their own www.Guitars4Kids.com hold online auctions from which all monies raised benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
So you wanna be a rock & roll star?  Just pick a Daisy Rock guitar and take some time to learn how to play…