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Continually Expanding His Reach Via “Transformer” Testimonies on His Rapidly Growing Talk Radio Show, Jubilee’s All-Natural, Simple, Scientific and Sustainable System is Based on a Powerful Combination of 10 Key Technologies

The term “Jubilee” brings to mind many specific historical references connected to the notion of a joyous celebration – which is something experienced every day by the 12,000-plus people throughout the world (a number that’s rapidly growing) whose lives, health and well being have been completely optimized the by John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience.

Continuing to emerge as America’s Cellular Health Authority, the Indianapolis-based health and fitness expert (www.johnjubilee.com) brings 14 years, 20,000 hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of detailed, painstaking research into his innovative common sense formulas that drive an all-natural, scientific and sustainable system. Driven by his personal desire to get and stay fit without hardcore dietary restrictions or extreme exercise, Jubilee grounds his revolutionary system in a powerful combination of ten key technologies, simple steps he likens to “a beautiful combination of an amazing vault.”

He teaches his clients the benefits of proper hydration, proper diet and when to eat (with a guarantee they will not go hungry, eating up to five meals a day), appropriate exercises that anyone can do, the appropriate time to exercise and the safe and clinically proven supplements. No other program in the world helps people achieve such significant weight-loss and health muscle and water gain in just 88-days with no running, crunches, surgery, prescribed medicines, extreme exercise, delivered food program or proprietary supplements.

Over the years, Jubilee has helped people from all walks of life, including country music performers, entertainment celebrities, actors, pro athletes, doctors, surgeons, business people, ministers and white and blue collar workers of all ages.

Many of those clients who have become “transformers” call in to Jubilee’s popular talk radio show to share their overwhelming successful stories of exciting health and lifestyle change. The flagship station for “The John Jubilee Experience” radio show is Freedom 95 (950 AM/90.5 FM) in Indianapolis, which airs his show in the prime drive time slot of 7-9 a.m. weekdays. Segments of his show also air on 99.7 WTN Radio in Nashville (where Jubilee opened his first 88-Day Transformation Experience office in 2009) and stations in Greenville, S.C. and Charlotte, N.C.

Callers happily discuss with the host issues that inspire listeners to schedule consultation appointments with directors of the John Jubilee Transformation Experience office in their area; there are currently six locations in six states, including  Franklin, Tenn., Indianapolis, Greenville, Savannah and (most recently opened) Charlotte. People talk about everything from how they lost 21 lbs. in the first three weeks and long term weight loss to fat elimination, excellent fitness, optimal wellness, increased self confidence and higher self esteem.

Bridget Morris, Jubilee’s Director of Marketing, adds another cool phenomenon to this list. “Couples that we work with often come back to see us when their body and cells are completely healthy and tell us that their sex life is completely different,” she says. “Women feel more libido and men are able to sustain longer. One woman called the show to tell us that when she got her tingles back, she called her husband to immediately get home. Others tell us the Experience saved their marriage. Eating right and exercising under our program positively affects their testosterone and estrogen levels. The hormone levels also help people fighting cancer. But people come to us with a lot of other, less life threatening issues as well, including things like insomnia and sleep apnea.

“The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation Experience is also unique in that it’s never just about people’s weight,” she says. “We market ourselves as an overall health and wellness program, and weight loss is a natural outcome, not the goal. All of the women we work with lose 15 lbs. in the first four weeks and men lost 20. Where most traditional weight loss programs want you to lose weight and lose water, we want you to keep hydrated. And we don’t talk about pounds but rather inches. I’m living proof of that. When I met John, he told me I could have a perfect body for my upcoming wedding. His system helped me lose 15 inches and three dress sizes in four weeks! That’s actually a typical result. I was so excited and brought him so much referral business that the next logical step was working for him.”

A question that Jubilee and Morris are often asked is, “Why 88 days?” What sounds like a clever branding idea is actually one of the key scientific principles behind the Experience. As Morris points out, “John is a de-mythifier, helping shed light on common myths like the idea that simply drinking water will hydrate you. When we talk about cellular health that starts with the fact that cells transform every 88 days, and we can help rejuvenate them via John’s combination of those ten technologies that lead to optimum health. We like to use the visual metaphor that cells are like grapes, but as the body ages and gets sicker, they shrivel so they more resemble raisins.

“What we do is hydrate them,” she adds, “because it’s almost impossible to get sick if you’re fully hydrated. The key is to get your cells to absorb water. We know people who have big alkaline machines to help them with this but are still dehydrated – because it’s not about drinking but absorbing. We have our clients take a supplement while drinking water that helps them absorb it, and we have a special exercise that shakes up the cells to accomplish this as well. Everything works together towards optimal absorption.”

John Jubilee has several colorful aphorisms (“Johnisms”) that tie into his philosophy of physical health and spiritual well being. One is, “Sometimes we have to lose our way to find ourselves!” Another is “So What? Now What?” People love working with him not only for his multi-faceted expertise and guaranteed results, but because they can relate to him. As explained in the “Story” section of his website, “John experienced the decline of his own health, as a busy father of three and businessman in his mid-‘30s. He developed typical joint pains, including: “bankers-belly and man-boobs”. He knew he needed to find a way to get fit and stay fit, yet do so with limited time and effort and without major dietary restrictions or extreme exercise.”

The official history goes that he committed himself to developing a simple, step by step system that would help anyone achieve lifelong results – but there’s more to the story of how he turned his years of passionate research and development into a viable business model and thriving enterprise. When he finally hit the watershed moment of creating the secret “10 technology” combination – an achievement he freely attributes to divine inspiration, one of the first of many “Jubilee Miracles” that occur in his life and work to this day – he was immersed in his successful earlier career as the owner of a mortgage company.

For 10 years, Jubilee was widely considered one of the leading bankers in America, with a staff of 42 full time employees working with a major banking organization. He innovated the no-closing cost mortgage in America and launched the first mortgage based website in the U.S. He stayed in that business for the next decade, but with a twist – he spent six hours of his working day introducing people to his breakthrough system, for free!

“I was just so passionate about helping people get healthy,” he says. Word got around and as early as 2000, the Tennessean newspaper published a feature story on three of his early “transformers” who had lost an aggregate 100 pounds of fat in 88 days. Dave Ramsey, renowned finance author and host of the popular syndicated financial talk radio program “The Dave Ramsey Show,” was a friend of Jubilee’s who saw the vast potential of Jubilee’s program to impact millions of people.

Jubilee met with Ramsey and other businessmen in a Friday morning leadership group, and one day, Ramsey took him aside, pointed his finger in Jubilee’s face and told him he needed to go full-time into health and wellness. “You’re going to change the world.” Jubilee resisted, thinking it might be foolish to leave his established 21 year career. But Ramsey persisted, impressed by his friend’s ability to simplify such a complex issue. Ramsey convinced Jubilee and helped him get started with his 500 employees.

As Jubilee grew more confident, in 2007 he sent out a letter to his mortgage clients, telling them he was leaving the business permanently. His early success helping a country music performer with the 88-Day Transformation Experience led him to connect with numerous high-powered Hollywood types. Multi-million dollar offers were made – including one that would have him joining Jillian Michaels on “The Biggest Loser,” another that hooked him up with Dr. Oz and an offer for his own show.

When the production magnate who had made one of those offers suggested he turn down easy riches to do things his way, Jubilee retreated to his then home base of Nashville, got on the radio and began building his business of transformation from the ground up.

“My message began resonating, and as people began seeing great results, everything took off from there,” he says. “For me, it’s never been about ‘Going Hollywood’ but changing people’s lives in meaningful, multi-faceted ways. The reward comes from people  coming up to me and saying that I helped their life, their relationships with their mothers, fathers and children, their interactions with the people they love…that never gets old and always brings tears to my eyes. It’s more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I’m just a big believer that everything is redeemable. No matter where anyone has been, what matters is where they’re going. We’re there to make sure they get to where they want to be.”