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The Multi-Talented Cover Girl and Businesswoman—Who Recently
Became a Commercial Spokeswoman for Online German Consumer Electronics
Giant Redcoon—Set a Record by Appearing On the Cover of Britain’s ZOO Magazine Six Times,
Recently Did a Layout in Maxim Mexico And Landed Her
First Role in an Independent Film

Let the rest of the world try keeping up with Kim and the rest of the Kardashians. Anyone looking to follow a truly explosive and dynamic force of sexy, glamorous nature has their eyes fixed on the rising celebrity star of Jordan Carver (www.jordancarver.com)—an international cover girl sensation now launching her unstoppable multi-media “JOCA” brand stateside.

Just a few short years after making a global stir with her first published images in BILD—a major newspaper in her home country of Germany, with a daily readership of 12 million—the glamour, lingerie and swimsuit model and savvy entrepreneurial businesswoman has over seven million hits on Google and is wrapped up in a whirlwind of exciting activities, appearances and products as 2013 approaches.

26-year-old Jordan recently signed a contract to be the “brand ambassador” and spokeswoman for German-based online electronic wholesaler Redcoon throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and shot her first commercial for the company.

In October, she did her first major layout in a North American men’s magazine. Her appearance in Maxim Mexico expands a burgeoning career as a cover girl, which includes being the first German model to appear on the cover of Great Britain’s popular weekly ZOO Magazine (she’s now up to six times!) and earlier this year shooting in Australia for her first cover and centerfold in ZOO Weekly Australia.

Excited about offering the very first Jordan Carver Calendar for 2013 in the “Shop” section of her website, the buxom, down to earth blonde is now translating her love of yoga practice to Yoga For Beginners, a visually compelling new instructional video featuring her teaching poses, stretches and movements on a beautiful, rocky shore in Mallorca, Spain.

In Germany, the distribution of her DVD will be handled by Universal and she and her manager David Sebastian are currently negotiating the specifics of distribution with Best Buy-type outlets in the U.S. The new age and world music influenced soundtrack to Yoga For Beginners, composed by Sascha Ende, is currently available on iTunes.

Jordan will appear on the WGN Morning News in Chicago to demonstrate moves from her yoga DVD with morning news anchor Paul Konrad.

“Though my career is expanding in many unique and interesting ways,” says Jordan, who moved to Southern California in 2010, “creating a yoga video for beginners of all ages is especially fulfilling because it brings me full circle in my career. I was working as a makeup artist on a project with David, a photographer who had worked with Playboy, Amica, Triumph and Vogue.

“He suggested we take some pictures of me in a training outfit doing yoga in the middle of a public park. They were published in BILD and received a lot of attention, which marked the launch of my career. We uploaded the photos online and suddenly they were everywhere.”

Another way Jordan is doing that is by expanding into the world of film. This past July, she landed her first role in the independent feature “Who Killed Johnny?” which was shot in Hollywood and directed by Yangzom Brauen, a well-known actress in Switzerland. The film is set for Swiss release in early 2013. Jordan sees this part as an important step in her breakthrough into TV and movies.

David Sebastian adds that they are in the process of creating a lingerie line specializing in items, especially bras, for women with larger assets. Along those lines, Jordan’s website declares: “Meet the New Shape of Really Sexy” and calls her “The Real Busty Babe.”

“Because Jordan is full figured and super busty,” he says, “most people see a woman with her shape and assume she must be connected to the adult industry. What makes her unique is that, while she’s certainly teasing with some skin, she’s not doing any nudity. Because she is multi-talented and such a smart businesswoman, the sky is the limit as far as marketing potential. Besides simply looking amazing and being very alluring and charming, she is very good at drama and comedy. Her alliance with Redcoon and the first commercial she just shot for them is a breakthrough because she can be an effective spokeswoman for any number of companies. Now that she’s been getting so much attention everywhere from the UK to Germany, Sweden and Australia, we’re excited to see how far her career can expand in the U.S.”

Born and raised in a small town near Luxembourg, Jordan’s first professional experience was an apprenticeship as a hotel manager—but feeling uninspired, she switched gears and entered the modeling world behind the scenes as a beautician and make-up artist, first with a large French company and later on her own. The international sensation sparked by Sebastian’s photos of her prompted them to create Jordan’s multi-faceted website early in 2010—which served to increase her popularity and global intrigue. Once she realized that most of her fans and potential clients were located in the U.S., she decided to move to the States, where she secured her first major modeling job for Haute Shop LA and signed her first significant contract.

After booking her first appearance on U.S. television on the WGN Morning News, she began scoring more TV appearances and photo shoots for various magazines and web pages. At the end of 2010, Jordan won the contest for the racing sport seat production company COBRA and became their spokesmodel—a position she held till recently. She later won second place on the Top 100 Internet Model Newcomer of the Year list after being nominated by Break Media.

Expanding her scope in 2011, Jordan’s popularity increased and she reached over 10,000 Facebook fans (she’s currently closing in on 100,000!). She started traveling and producing multiple photo shoots for her webpage and magazines worldwide, including Blueprint in the U.S. and others in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. She received international recognition when she appeared in ZOO Magazine; her six cover appearances have helped make her one of the worlds most popular glamour models. Building her following further in Europe, she signed an exclusive contract with German TV production company AZ Media and began working on several television show concepts for the European market. During a TV production for a German magazine she was caught by the paparazzi of TMZ and was featured on the next day’s show.

While gearing up to launch her JOCA brand in the U.S., she broke through further in Germany early in 2012, airing a reality pilot in June; being featured on the cover and interviewing and filming at the editor’s desk at the newspaper BILD; and doing her first cover shoot for German magazine TV Digital; and making many talk show appearances on shows such as NachtCafe. Jordan was also featured for one week on the German morning show Sat 1 as a celebrity trainee; she did street interviewing as well as hosting.

“There is nothing I love more than having the chance to travel around the world, meet new and interesting people and be creative, and it is gratifying to have so many wonderful opportunities to share my gifts in so many different ways. Growing up in a very small town and later working in hotel management and doing makeup, I never dreamed such things were possible and I would have the chance to be part of so many exciting endeavors. With the Yoga DVD, an upcoming lingerie line and more merchandising ideas coming up, I’m really excited about the future.”