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Celebrity Attorney Debra Opri: “Dan Marino’s Biggest Fumble Was Losing Control of His Secret Paternity Deal”

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After the New York Post broke the story on Dan Marino’s secret love child, legendary family law attorney DEBRA OPRI, most famous for the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case, the paternity case involving David Caruso, and most recently for her representation of Kevin Hart in his divorce, noted, “Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret child scandal, the media is hungering for yet another lust-filled paternity web of intrigue.”

Opri says, though, that “The big question everyone should be asking is ‘who leaked this confidential arrangement? And if the leak originated with the former CBS employee, did she violate any agreement with Marino such that she now loses money on her million dollar baby?” Opri thinks that’s a distinct possibility. “In instances like this, the written agreement will govern. And if she was forbidden to speak about it, she’s got problems going forward.”

As for Dan Marino, Opri says, “Stories like this are not uncommon but where there is a celebrity, a long term marriage, and children involved there may be serious aftershocks for Dan Marino. But for now, the affair and his being with a woman in the TV world, spells a lot of ‘candy’ for the media on the eve of Super Bowl Weekend and this former NFL Superbowl QB’s dirty linen will most certainly be the ‘sweetest’ topic of the weekend.”

The widely recognized female litigation attorney is famous for her high profile media cases including the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case, David Hasselhoff divorce battle, and for the Michael Jackson molestation trial when she represented the parents of Michael Jackson, Joe and Katharine Jackson, as to their parental interests in the case, and the James Brown sexual harassment trial. Honored by the Los Angeles Times as one of Los Angeles Women’s Leaders in the Law, Opri has for more than 20 years distinguished herself from many other media attorneys in that she actually litigates her own cases, many of which are under the glare of the media spotlight. She is currently representing comedian/actor Kevin Hart in his divorce.