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DAMON THE GYPSY Reignites His Eclectic Sound on ‘Gypsy Eyes, ‘ Also The Second Release of His Planned Gypsy Trilogy




Back in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s when Damon the Gypsy first emerged with his now high in demand first release Song of a Gypsy, major artists often kept their career momentum going by releasing two and three albums a year.

It’s a practice that’s unheard of in 2010—till now, as the popular singer-songwriter gears up to release Gypsy Eyes, the highly anticipated stirring and exotic sequel to Song of a Gypsy and the second album in a planned “Gypsy Trilogy.”


True to his organic artistic nature and old school pop-rock sensibilities, Damon is making Gypsy Eyes available to his fans on both LP and CD; for those who have dual technologies, the LP package also includes the CD. The original version of Gypsy Eyes came out in 1999 and sold respectably, but Damon ultimately was not satisfied with the sonic quality of the recording.

He considers the new re-issue, which features HD separation mastering done by John Vestman of Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles, a superior product that conveys more of the positive feeling he intended. Vestman is a 30-year veteran engineer who has worked on projects by Sting, George Duke, Hole and Teena Marie, among others.

Earlier this year, Damon released a new version of Song of a Gypsy featuring VHD re-mastering by Vestman; Song of a Gypsy was originally pressed on vinyl in 1969 and sold thousands in its original CD release twenty years later. Damon is currently putting the finishing touches on The Gypsy Finds A Home, the third installment of his Gypsy trilogy that will be released later this year; he will be shooting a video for the song “Dance Little Gypsy” in June.

“While each recording is in many ways a continuation of the vibe of the album before it, they also are reflections of the different places I am at in my life during these distinct eras,” says Damon. “Every decade our outlook changes a bit, and so while Song of a Gypsy finds a young man in some spiritual turmoil questioning life, Gypsy Eyes has more peace about it, is much less stressful and disturbing and shows a new, settled outlook on my life. The Gypsy Finds A Home will be the perfect extension to the story, based on the philosophy about living life to the fullest, having fun and dancing your blues away.

“I’m so excited to present my previous recordings with such great sound quality that only John could have achieved,” he adds. “These are all wonderful representations of my growth as a person and artists over these many years. I’m really proud that my name is on them.”

In lyrical content and feel, Damon’s counts among his favorite songs on the 15-track Gypsy Eyes “The Voice” and “Seems Like I Traveled.” “The Voice” is about addressing the competing voices in our heads and choosing to follow the correct one as we make life choices. “Seems Like I Traveled” is about experiencing the same things over and over and realizing that the way we deal with them makes the difference. No matter the emotional shifts in Damon’s life, his sense of romance always shines through; on Gypsy Eyes, this spirit is represented on the title track (about the longings of one’s life as reflected in the eyes), “Quiet Of The Evening” and “You’re Mine.”

Damon put in the same amount of detail into the packaging as he did into the recording process. The back cover art of Gypsy Eyes (on LP and CD) is the gorgeous classic Van Gogh piece “The Caravans: Gypsy Camp Near Arjes.”