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Gospel Radio Stations Playing Original GI Jams Artist Song With Whitney Houston’s National Anthem Recording



Black Hawk Pilot Adrian Manuel’s “One Nation Under God”
Receives Joint Airplay With Houston’s “Star Spangled Banner”

Army Chief Warrant Officer Adrian Manuel‘s song “One Nation Under God,” featured on the just released GI Jams Compilation Album – Vol 1, The Original Music Of Our U.S. Musical Military Artists, is currently being added to Gospel radio programs in the U.S., including several stations that are playing it in combination with Whitney Houston‘s classic 1991 recording of the National Anthem as their show opener.

Manuel, a Black Hawk helicopter pilot who returned last year from active duty deployment flying missions in Iraq, currently resides in Terre Haute, Ind. and flies with the state’s Army National Guard Aviation Battalion 2-238. He joined the GI Jams web site as a singer/songwriter while deployed, as have many other U.S. musical military artists stationed around the world—including in Iraq and Afghanistan—and on bases throughout the U.S.  Manuel wrote “One Nation Under God” while on active duty in flight school in Alabama.

Stations and radio programs opening with Whitney Houston’s “Star Spangled Banner” and Adrian Manuel’s “One Nation Under God” include the Sunday Gospel show Standing In The Gap hosted by Jernetta Brown on KLTR 94.1 FM in Brenham, Texas covering the Houston and Austin areas (Program Director Lori Henderson), and the Sunday Gospel show on KGGN 890-AM in Kansas City, Mo., (Program Director Reggie Brown). Manuel’s recording of “One Nation Under God” is gaining more airplay every week; it will also begin airing shortly on WAER-FM in Syracuse, N.Y. (Program Director Eric Cohen).

”Standing In The Gap” Gospel show host Jernetta Brown says, “This is one of the greatest opportunities of our time to be able to promote one of the artists of the U.S. Military and we are very proud to be one of the radio shows presenting GI Jams artists Adrian Manuel and his very moving and special song ‘One Nation Under God.’”

Recently, another of Manuel’s songs, “Freedom,” has been featured on a number of U.S. music video shows and networks. Included in the GI Jams album as a “Battlefield Music Video” and actually filmed in Iraq, it features Manuel singing his song while flying in his Black Hawk helicopter, a music video first.  The TV stations and shows playing the video include: H2o Television (New York City); The Sound Chamber (Denver); VidDream (Wilmington, Philadelphia and Baltimore); Video Diversity (Omaha); Power Play Music TV (Newark, N.J.); Video Hits (Rochester,  Syracuse and Buffalo, N.Y.); Envision/ Billboard DJ (Studio City, Calif.); The Musician’s Voice – People TV and  Eye Music Network (Atlanta); Cox Cable (R.I.), and AUX TV/ Video Flow (Canada).

GI Jams ® is a multi-media project and company dedicated to showcasing and promoting the original songs and performances of our U.S. servicemen and servicewomen, active and veterans, all branches, ranks and rates. Founded by songwriters Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers, it has partnered with Rhino (Warner Music Group) for this first GI Jams Records™ compilation album released in late January 2012. The album features eight of the GI Jams web site’s most popular artists and bands, with more albums planned that will also feature additional GI Jams artists.

Other artists and bands on the album now receiving airplay are GI Jams rock bands American Attitude, with Air Force and Navy active duty members stationed in Jacksonville, Fla.; and Destruction Evolution, with members from San Antonio and Austin, Texas, including a 20-year Air Force veteran and an eight-year Army veteran. Both bands are being played on KAZY-FM in Cheyenne, Wyo. Vietnam veteran Rick Ulsky, a Hammond Organ player, is receiving jazz show airplay for his original instrumental track “In Rio” on WAER-FM in Syracuse, N.Y.

In addition to the website and live performances planned for this year, GI Jams has entered into an agreement with EMI Music Publishing Company, the world’s largest music publisher. The songs of a number of GI Jams members are now being administrated through GI Jams by EMI. Adrian Manuel’s songs, including “One Nation Under God” and “Freedom,” are among those now represented by EMI Music.