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JOHN JUBILEE’S 88 Day Transformation Experience Is A True New Year’s Revolution




America’s Cellular Health Authority, Who Has Helped Thousands Of

Clients Achieve Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Optimal Wellness, Has

One Goal For 2015: To Help People Discover Their Hidden Treasure

By Unlocking The Combination of His Ten Key Technologies

As the seconds tick away on December 31, millions of people get caught up in the cultural ritual of declaring their “New Year’s Resolutions” - but America’s Cellular Health Authority John Jubilee believes that this is misplaced focus. 

Living up to his reputation as a health and wellness “de-mythifier,” the creator of the 88 Day Transformation Experience, says, “The idea of a ‘New Year’s Resolution is a myth. From my experience, the average one lasts from seven to 19 days and they’re forgotten. So I say, forget them. Instead, embrace aNew Year’s Revolution that has improved and optimized the lives, health and well being of thousands of people throughout the world – from old to young, disabled to healthy.

“We’re talking about ten essential steps that are easy to implement and do that create a lifestyle change that will endure for the rest of your life,” Jubilee adds. “Just like the way America was created and continues to grow and evolve after its Revolution, the concept works because it involves a plan of action. I say, let everyone off the hook for breaking those ineffective resolutions because they weren’t going to work anyway. I give them permission to let those go and invite them to join the Revolution that not only works but starts to show results immediately.”

The Indianapolis-based health and fitness expert ( brings 14 years, 20,000 hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of detailed, painstaking research into his innovative common sense formulas that drive an all-natural, simple, scientific and sustainable system. Driven by his personal desire to get fit and stay fit without hardcore dietary restrictions or extreme exercise, Jubilee grounds his system in a powerful combination of ten key technologies, simple steps he likens to “a beautiful combination of an amazing vault.” 

He teaches his clients the benefits of proper hydration, proper diet and when to eat (with a guarantee they will not go hungry, eating up to five meals a day), appropriate exercises that anyone can do, the appropriate time to exercise and the safe and clinically proven supplements. No other program in the world helps people achieve such significant weight-loss and health muscle and water gain in just 88-days with no running, crunches, surgery, prescribed medicines, extreme exercise, delivered food program or proprietary supplements.

Over the years, Jubilee has helped people from all walks of life, including country music performers, entertainment celebrities, actors, pro athletes, doctors, surgeons, business people, ministers and white and blue collar workers of all ages.

Jubilee understands people’s natural skepticism that comes from having tried so many diets and fitness programs that failed to make a substantial difference. “Most of those are like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole,” he says. “When I hear about their previous frustrations, I identify with them because I must have tried 20 conventional New Year’s resolutions that went nowhere. I feel their pain, but I have great news. My 88 Day Transformation Experience works, and works for your whole life, and works immediately.” 

Jubilee adds that personal goal for 2015 and every year is to literally change the world one person at a time and help as many people achieve optimal health at a cellular level so they can discover their cellular health DNA genetic blueprint. “I like to see this as a ‘hidden treasure’ we’re all sitting right on top of but are not aware of,” he says. “We’re literally unlocking it with the powerful combination of the ten key technologies.”