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Reality Entertainment Releases “Paranormal Haunting” & “The Stone”


The Two Provocative Films Come From
Reality Entertainment, Renowned Producer of Cutting Edge
Films Where “Reality Is What You Make It” And “Strange Is Normal” 

Ever have one of those vacations? You start out with high hopes for a simple little getaway and everything just goes awry? Nothing you’ve experienced compares to the terror the protagonists go through in “Paranormal Haunting: Curse of the Blue Moon Inn!”

High on the peak of the Moors stands the Blue Moon Inn, the home of Matthew Hopkins for as long as anybody cares to remember. Once every century the moon there appears to turn blue and all-manner of strange and terrifying events are unleashed upon the land. The time has come again and with it a small group of interested individuals. An astronomer, an astrologer and a documentary filmmaker arrive all unaware of the pure evil that will befall them. With witchcraft, occult rituals and answers to age-old mysteries, a nightmare unfolds upon each guest until the final shocking conclusion.

Elsewhere in the UK’s most haunted location, once residence to the mad Lord Byron, a group of seekers arrive hoping to find the truth about life after death. They have been led to believe there is something in this place that can help them attain the occult enlightenment of the ancients. Uncovering a centuries old stone artifact, they are inspired to invoke the spirits of the dead, but instead, they manifest a dark mirror upon their own souls. Confronted by their deepest horrors, the seekers encounter far more than they bargained for, foolishly entering a realm of which there is no escape in ‘The Stone: No Soul Left Unturned.”

Unknown to them, another group also inhabit these sacred grounds – guardians of a lost secret. From a dark and ancient past, comes the oldest enemy man has ever known, it leaves no soul unturned. You cannot escape The Stone. Filmed on location at Annesley Hall inNottinghamshire, England, this film is a British paranormal thriller in true Hammer fashion that features real British Druids filmed on location at sacred and ancient grounds and a host of best-selling authors and musicians.

Creating works that fascinate, intrigue, scare and taunt us with invitations to enter realms and possibilities about the universe, Reality Entertainment is a world renowned producer of mind bending, cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe.

Loaded with trailers and full length features, the company’s dedicated YouTube page has millions of video views.