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Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show Earns Nod For Best Show in Kansas City

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Theater League Presents the Touring Hit Production for its Broadway Series
at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Through June 1


KANSAS CITY – Earning stellar reviews and standing O’s on opening night, Hackett Miller’s hit musical “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” drew a packed house at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts presented by Theater League of Kansas City for its Broadway Series.

Now playing through June 1, tickets start at $36 and can be purchased online at

Steve Wilson of Broadway World titled his rave “The Best Show in KC This Year – SANDY HACKETT’S RAT PACK SHOW.

“A chill went up and down my spine; did I step back in time when I entered through the door? Did I land in Las Vegas, at the Sands watching a show starring the Rat Pack? No, I landed at the hilarious and most entertaining show performed in Kansas City this theatrical season.”

Wilson adds, “Sandy Hackett magnificently portrays the late comedian Joey Bishop. His antics on and off stage keep the audience rolling in the aisles….The only woman to grace the Kauffman stage is Frank’s one true love, played by Lisa Dawn Miller. She has a fantastic voice as she enters the stage passionately singing, “Wasn’t I a Good Time?” a song that was written by her late father Ron Miller.”

Bob Evans, Kansas City Performing Arts Examiner, praises, “Obviously, those iconic figures are gone but certainly not forgotten. The show creates one evening in their performance lives, resurrecting fond memories as it tugs the heartstrings of the audience. Heap lots of credit and give standing ovations to the talented cast that creat this phenomenal performance.” He continues, “The cast performs to perfection. Yes, they were to be the characters on stage, but each brought a sincerity to their role. They did not mimic, they created a vision you could grasp without thinking you were seeing a carbon copy. Sandy Hackett dominated the comedy aspects of the show. Louie Velez stands out for his strong vocals. Tom Wallek’s Dean Martin showed Martin’s playful side, singing ability, and impromptu adlib side. As Frank, Danny Grewen had the chance to actually give his character depth with the duet with Lisa Dawn Miller, who portrays the love of Frank’s life, Ava Garner. With dark hair, chic costume, and ravishing good looks, the audience knows that Sinatra’s, one-true love, Ava Gardner, broke his heart. The duet, “Things I Should Have Said/Wasn’t I a Good Time” pierce the tough Sinatra facade, depicting a soulful, yearning Sinatra. Miller is the daughter of noted songwriter, Ron Miller who wrote many Motown mega-hits, including “For Once in My Life,” “Touch Me in the Morning,” “A Place in the Sun,” and many more.

Miller performs with a passionate connection to both Sinatra and her father. Her vocals are strong and the performance, poignant. ‘Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show’ comes with the highest of recommendations.”

Mike Smith, Media Mikes says, “Sandy Hackett is the son of the great Buddy Hackett. The comedy genes run deep in this family. His timing is spot on as is his quick wit…Grewen as Sinatra has that smooth, clear quality that made Sinatra extraordinary and Velez was spot-on perfect as Sammy Davis, Jr. Ms. Miller belted out her number with gusto!”

Anthony Rodgers KC Metropolis writes, “Sandy Hackett as comedian Joey Bishop was an absolute riot. His opening jokes were not only impressive in rapid succession but also in his connections with the audience. Mannerisms and vocal inflections were consistent with Bishop’s to an eerie T. Hackett keeps you on your toes….As Dean, Wallek’s showmanship was top notch…Grewen basked in a Sinatra-like glory from under his fedora as he melted hearts with commanding presence and sophisticated demeanor… Velez was perhaps the most captivating performer during his two slower numbers, “What Kind of Fool Am I” and “Mr. Bojangles/Will I Still Be Me?”…. As Frank’s One Love, Lisa Dawn Miller sang with a beautiful and powerful voice during a mashup of “The Things I Should Have Said” and “Wasn’t I a Good Time,” the latter penned by her famed songwriter father, Ron Miller…. The harmonies created by her and Grewen were quite lovely.”

Producers Lisa Dawn Miller and her husband, Sandy Hackett of the jointly-led production company Hackett Miller stopped by FOX 4 Morning Show on May 27 to discuss concept and highlights of the show, and even an anecdote of how the two met.

The cast also enjoyed a meet-and-greet with select winners at the KC 102.1 radio station, where fans could interact with the cast, ask questions, and hear a live performance.

In its fifth touring season for the 2013-2014 U.S. Broadway Season Theatre Tour, the hit musical includes talented cast members Sandy Hackett (Joey Bishop), Lisa Dawn Miller (Frank’s “One Love” – a character based on Ava Gardner), Danny Grewen (Frank Sinatra), Tom Wallek (Dean Martin), and Louis Velez (Sammy Davis Jr.).

Miller is the daughter of the late legendary Motown songwriter, Ron Miller. Hackett is the son of legendary comedian Buddy Hackett, who portrays “God” in the show via voiceovers he recorded prior to his death in 2003.

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