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The Red Button’s ‘Caught In The Middle’ Is “The Coolest Song In The World This Week” On Little Steven’s Underground Garage!


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‘As Far As Yesterday Goes’– The Long-Awaited Follow-Up To The Red Button’s Wildly Popular Debut — Is An Across-The-Board Critical Smash!

Leading the parade of dazzling accolades from pop music critics and tastemakers, legendary musician/producer/garage rock connoisseur “Little Steven” Van Zandt has picked “Caught In The Middle” from The Red Button’s ( recently released sophomore collection As Far As Yesterday Goes as “The Coolest Song In The World This Week” for the week of July 11.

“Caught in the Middle” will receive special recognition on Van Zandt’s syndicated radio show “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” as well as play on his dedicated SiriusXM radio channel. In 2007, Little Steven gave the same honor on his chart to “Cruel Girl” from the duo’s critically-acclaimed debut album She’s About To Cross My Mind.

Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg’s latest burst of ‘60s and ‘70s-inspired retro sunshine has been receiving the same type of positive and inspiring raves that their first album received. John Borack of Goldmine Magazine calls it a “near perfect record, and the sound of pop music growing up without growing old. Don’t miss it.” David Bash, founder of the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) Music Festival, says, “(They) have definitely done it again with ‘As Far As Yesterday Goes.’

Several songs from As Far As Yesterday Goes are already receiving heavy airplay on SiriusXM’s The Loft, as well as radio stations all around the world.

Giving it five out of five stars, Pop historian Paul Ellis calls it “a mercilessly perfect pop album.” Thom Osborne, production director for Cumulus Broadcasting says, “If these guys were around in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s, they’d be multi-millionaires. They do the things that were done back then…BETTER than they were done back then. Catchy melodies… rich harmonies… pure pop perfection. I can’t stop listening. More, please.”

More!: calls it “the album to beat this year,” calling it flawless sonically, “without a loose note and does the impossible of topping the debut.” gushes: “YES!!!!! Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg, are back with the eagerly anticipated, jangle-filled, top-notch song filled, second installment of The Red Button! In 2007, Shindig! Magazine hailed Seth and Mike as the new Power Pop Princes. We’re happy to report that their reign continues!”

Perfectly reflecting Swirsky and Ruekberg’s desire to “simply make sure that every passage, every line is singable” and bring the art of classic songwriting back to the mainstream, pop music tastemaker Alan Haber says, “The songs seem so effortless, the overall result so charming. Here is another example of the lost art of professional songwriting, the ability to write from the heart and touch the souls of listeners. It’s not an easy thing to do, and these guys do it with such ease.”

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